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21 December 2014
Added the first SpaceX stamps plus others to Stamps, Minisheets & Other Items.

10 December 2014
Added an interesting Captain's Cover Type 2 from the USS Canisteo to Gemini 12.

1 December 2014
Added two more doubtful covers to MR-3 (USS Dahlgren) and MA-5 (USS Sellers). Also added a Gemini 3 and two Gemini 11 Crew Covers to Captain and Crew Covers (one with an airmail stamp and one without a stamp).

30 November 2014
Added several covers to Captain and Crew Covers including a stampless Gemini 11 Captain's cover and what may be a Gemini 10 Captain's cover (stampless and without a postmark).

22 November 2014
Added new sections to Orion Recovery Covers.

21 November 2014
Added a late postmark for the USS Plymouth Rock to MA-4. A postmark for the recovery day is unknown.

20 November 2014
Added another doubtful cover to MA-4, the USS Helena.

14 November 2014
Added a rarely seen USS Iwo Jima cover with a Goldcraft cachet to Apollo 13. It sold for $86 on eBay!

13 November 2014
Added an amusing cacheted cover to ASTP showing Snoopy and his Soviet equivalent. Added a Turks and Caicos minisheet to Stamps, Minisheets & Other Items. Added a Helicopter Recovery Cover from the ELS to ASTP.

31October 2014
Added two interesting flown covers to Skylab 4; one from ARIA 2 and one signed by the Maintenance Crew of HC-1. Also added information on the Recovery air support for Skylab 4. See note vi .

26 October 2014
Added two more doubtful covers to MR-3 (USS Capricornus) and MA-7 (USS Hancock)

20 October 2014
Added two rare Beck covers, B631 USS Hassayampa and B687 USS Wallace L. Lind, to Beck Covers. Added a hard to find signed  USS Iwo Jima Crew Cover to Apollo 13. See Recently Sold Interesting Covers for prices.

2 October 2014
Added an unusual USS Arneb New York postmarked cover to Apollo 7. Added an eBay lot which included a rare Apollo 11 Helicopter Recovery Cover.

30 September 2014
Added three new unknown cachets to Apollo 8. Added a new CANCELLED overprint to Gemini 6.

29 September 2014
Added further doubtful covers to Mercury 4 (USS Francis Marion), Mercury 5 (USS Magoffin) and Mercury 7 (USS Proteus).

20 September 2014
Added an interesting Mission Emblem USS Wasp cover to Gemini 12. It's addressed to Robert Boudwin. Added Helicopter Recovery Cover (Relay helicopter) to Skylab 4. Added a USS Salinan cover with a 25 Jul postmark (rather than 16 Jul) to Apollo 11. Finally added a new section for SpaceX's CRS-3 mission.

14 September 2014
Another set of Beck printed covers plus several Helicopter Recovery Covers brought high prices on eBay. See Recently Sold Interesting Covers.

9 September 2014
Added two map cacheted covers to Interesting Recovery Cachets for Skylab 2 and Skylab 3.

8 September 2014
Added an article to Apollo 11 outliing the various covers available from the USS New, including two different Navy cachets and two different postmarks.

30 August 2014
Added another set of MA-9 Beck covers including some more hard to find ones to Recently Sold Interesting Covers.

28 August 2014
Added a very late postmarked USS John R. Pierce to Mercury 7. Note the Morris Beck like cachet. Finally added a great flown helicopter cover from the USS John R. Pierce to Mercury 7 thanks to Walter M. Hopferwieser.

24 August 2014
Added a USS Austin cover with a Department of the Navy Crest cachet, another long USS Austin cover with an interesting TF140 return address and a long USS Kawishiwi cover with an interesting TF130 return address to Apollo 15.

19 August 2014
Added another doubtful cover to MA-7 (USS Marias).

15 August 2014
Added more doubtful covers to MR-3 (USS Midway) and MA-5 (USS Boxer).

1 August 2014
Added two sets of covers to
Recently Sold Interesting Covers including some hard to find MA-9 Beck covers.

26 July 2014
Added a newly discovered Beck Crew cover (Apollo 11 USS New) to
Beck Error, Crew and Unusual Covers. Added doubtful covers to MR-3 (USS Coral Sea) and MA-4 (USS Lynde McCormick).

17 July 2014
Added three covers to
Recently Sold Interesting Covers including an interesting Skylab 4 postmark on a Skylab 1 postcard marked ATA-Space Unit-APS!

16 July 2014
another doubtful cover to MA-4, the USS Forrestal. Added a crew signed GT-7 Captain's cover (sold for approx. $495!) and a GT-4 Beck USS Blandy Crew cover to Recently Sold Interesting Covers.

6 July 2014
Added two more doubtful covers; USS Alstede to MA-7 and USS Francis Marion to MA-5.

23 June 2014
Added a NASA Manned Spacecraft Center Stamp Club mission emblem PRS cover thanks to Eddie Bizub

21 June 2014
Added another doubtful cover to MA-4, the USS Farragut

18 June 2014
Added three hard to find covers which brought good prices on eBay to
Recently Sold Interesting Covers.

13 June 2014
Added more information to Who Is W.R. Skelley

5 June 2014
The possibly unique cover for MR-3 sold for $2737 which was within the estimated range.

3 June 2014
Doubtful covers for sale on ebay keep coming.
USS Lofberg for MA-3, USS Noble for MA-7, USS Ranger for MA-5, USS Aucilla for MA-7 scrub, USS MacDonough for MA-5 and USS Myles C Fox for operation Sandy!! Someone appears to be adding modern Recovery Ship labels to non-Recovery Ship covers! Be careful! Knowledge is Power.

8 May 2014
Presently, on eBay, there is a great opportunity to add some very rare Beck crew covers to your collection.
Martin Rasmussen has seven for sale on eBay. Check out Seller User ID: martin00sr.

7 May 2014
Added information on a wonderful and possibly unique cover for MR-3 from a member of the crew including his photo and a letter from him briefly describing the recovery of Alan Shepard being sold at the June 2014 Recency Superior! Would make a truely prize addition to any Recovery Ship cover collection. A must see!

22 April 2014
More doubtful covers for sale on ebay; USS Ranger for MA-6, USS Oklahoma City for MA-7 and USS Renshaw for MA-2.

13 April 2014
Added an amazing nine Beck Crew covers to Beck Error, Crew and Unusual Covers thanks to Martin Rasmussen. Scans to come.

7 April 2014
More doubtful covers for sale on ebay; USS Firedrake for MR-3, USS Boxer for MA-7 and USS Constellation for MA-5. There is no evidence that any of these ships were involved in the mentioned missions!

3 April 2014
The plague of doubtful covers continues on eBay, this time from a different seller!!
Again, beware covers purporting to come from Project Mercury Recovery Ships!!

2 April 2014
Another doubtful cover for sale on eBay
; the USS English for MR-2.

26 March 2014
Added stamps to
Stamps, Minisheets and Other Items.

22 March 2014
More doubtful covers for sale on ebay; the USS Nicholas for MA-2, the USS Cimarron for MA-7 scrub and the USS Henry B. Wilson for MR-3. There is no evidence that any of these ships were involved in the mentioned missions!

21 March 2014
Added another four doubtful covers to MA-2, MR-4, MA-6 and MA-7.

14 March 2014
Added the four covers in doubt to
Recently Sold Interesting Covers. Unfortunately there are more doubtful covers to come!

12 March 2014
Added two interesting USS Okinawa covers to Apollo 6. A Beck B747 cover with an extra Boston postmark and an identical Beck B748 cover with the same extra postmark. They make a nice combination.

10 March 2014
There are at least four covers presently for sale on eBay from well know sellers which purport to come from various Recovery ships. They DO NOT. Please check this site before purchasing Recovery ship covers, especially from the early Mercury missions. Covers from such missions are rare or non-existent.

4 March 2014
Added a new section to Captain and Crew Covers illustrating the different envelopes available for some of the Captain's covers.

25 February 2014
Added a Beck B998 cover with a late non-ASTP San Francisco postmark. Added signed PRS covers to Gemini 6a and Apollo 12.

23 February 2014
Added a USS Hornet mission emblem cover to Apollo 11. Added a USNS Mercury cover with a different postmark to Apollo 7.

22 February 2014
Added an interesting Beck B999 cover to Beck Error Covers thanks to Woody Witt. It is missing a small section of the cachet at the lower right including the number. It may be a printing error (ie a piece of paper got between the envelope and the printing press) or part of the cachet may have been printed onto a removal address label.

18 February 2014
Added two covers to the Other
category of Captain and Crew Covers; a Skylab 3 cover dated 24 September and a Apollo 9 cover with Guadalcanal on the bottom of the postmark.

14 February 2014
Added six more covers to
Recently Sold Interesting Covers from ships purported to be involved in various missions.

5 February 2014
WARNING: Recently a number of covers have appeared on eBay purporting to be from Project Mercury Recovery ships and postmarked on or near the Recovery date. Some even have add-on labels stating this. For the majority of these, there is no evidence that the ship was involved in the particular mission. In fact, there are several up for bids at the present time. Many have sold for ridiculously high amounts. Hopefully, viewers of this site realise that these are only commemorative covers and not Recovery Ship covers.

3 February 2014
Added four covers with unusual cachets to
Recently Sold Interesting Covers.

26 January 2014
Added three covers to
Recently Sold Interesting Covers from ships purported to be involved in Big Joe 1, MR-1A and MA-6.

16 January 2014
Added four interesting covers to
Recently Sold Interesting Covers including two covers postmarked for MA-6 and MA-7 scrubs respectively.

3 January 2014
Added a new section, Launch Security Covers, based on a discussion on collectSPACE.

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